Woman sheds 12st after 17 years living alone gorging on pizza and chocolate

A woman has dropped an incredible 12st after spending 17 years alone when her confidence hit an all time low.

Julie Knight decided to ditch her unhealthy habits, which saw her gorge on pizza and chocolate in an attempt to get confidence back and kick start her love life.

In just over 13 months, she has dropped from a size 28 to 10 after doctors also warned her that she was at risk of losing her drivers license as a result of sleep apnoea caused by her weight.

She added: “Because I was so big I didn’t have the confidence to walk up to blokes because I was terrified of what they would think about me or say about my weight.

“If I was ever out with friends, which I also didn’t enjoy much because of my size, I would have never walked up to any men and start chatting.

“I was too self-conscious and I was worried about being rejected.

“But now as restrictions are being lifted, I would much rather meet someone in person.”

In her last relationship, Julie says that her ex would make comments about her weight and that she even found out that his friends had made comments behind her back about her weight.

Julie, 37, from Breden, Gloucestershire, added: “It would upset me that my partner at the time would talk about weight, which probably contributed towards my confidence being knocked too.

“But instead of going on a diet, I would just continue to eat more rubbish because of how bad I felt.

“At the time I was also working nightshifts in a call centre and we would always order takeaway food.

“The weight was just piling on and it didn’t really stop until I hit 21st 6lbs and I’d had enough of how I was living my life.

“So I started The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan in October 2019.”

Over the years, Julie, a tour coordinator for a coach company, would turn to quick and easy ready meals, such as pizza or southern fried chicken with curly fries.

She also confesses to having a sweet tooth which would lead her to gorge on share bars of Galaxy chocolate and fresh cream cakes.

Juliie said: “I couldn’t walk very far without getting out of breath, and I couldn’t really make it up the stairs without struggling to breathe.

“I was always tired and would fall asleep in the middle of the day.

“I went to the doctors and I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea and I had to go to sleep using a PAP machine to help me breathe – which is the ugliest contraption you have ever seen.

“In September 2019 I found out that I could lose my drivers license because of my sleep apnoea. I started panicking as this would ruin my entire life.

“But this gave me the final push to start my weight loss journey.

“My mum had tried The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan before so I knew it worked.

“I also needed to lose weight fast, so it was perfect for me.”

Since starting the diet in October 2019, Julie has shrunk from 21st 6lbs to 9st 6lbs.

She says that she is feeling better than she has felt in years.

Julie added: “I couldn’t have done it without the one to one support from my consultant, Michelle Nolan, as I couldn’t even imagine myself going to diet groups.

“I feel so much fitter and healthier than I have in over a decade and it feels amazing.

“As I have always been bigger, it’s taking my brain a little while to catch up. When I look in the mirror it’s like I can still see a big person even though I know I have lost so much weight.

“As I have always been bigger, it’s taking my brain a little while to catch up. When I look in the mirror it’s like I can still see a big person even though I know I have lost so much weight.

“I love the fact that I know I can walk into any shop and I will find clothes that will fit me. I love buying clothes now because I feel so much better.

“My wardrobe is fit to burst.

“I have also managed to reverse my sleep apnoea and no longer have to sleep with the awful PAP machine.”